Reservoir Modeling


Link to IPGT Reservoir Modeling White
Paper as at August 2012 (.pdf 250KB)

The IPGT Reservoir Modeling Working Group has updated their white paper in order to outline the current state of the art and technology needs related to zonal isolation and packers for enhanced geothermal systems. This paper will assist IPGT countries to focus R&D efforts on the most critical areas.

The IPGT Steering Committee has agreed that the white papers will be published on the website as dynamic documents that will allow them to be revisited periodically so they can remain up to date with the most relevant information. Working Groups will aim to update their white papers yearly. This published version of the white paper was last updated in August 2012. Given the dynamic nature of the papers, constructive comments from the geothermal and the scientific community, as well as from the public are highly appreciated and will be used to improve the white papers. Comments and suggestions on the White papers should be sent to the IPGT Secretariat by email. Please contact the Secretariat at the IPGT Secretariat (


March 4th, 2010
IPGT Reservoir Modeling Workshop - Iceland

This interactive workshop brought together engineers and scientists involved in geothermal reservoir studies in Iceland to exchange ideas and increase understanding on geothermal resources.

The workshop was very successful with over 50 participants, excellent presentations and fruitful discussions. Below are videos of all the presentations.


Opening Address


Task 1: Heat transfer from magma intrusions under geothermal systems
Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson, University of Iceland


Task 2: Boundary conditions and roots of the geothermal systems
Gunnar Gunnarsson, Reykjavik Energy


Task 3: Reservoir parameters
Hjalti Fransson, Iceland GeoSurvey


Task 4: How to estimate production capacity of green fields
Héðinn Björnsson, Iceland GeoSurvey


Task 5: Intrinsic or structural anisotropy
Snorri Páll Kjaran, Vatnaskil Consulting Engineers


Task 6: Coupling reactive transport to reservoir modeling
Edda S. P. Aradóttir, HI/ Reykjavik Energy


Task 7: Relative permeabilities for two phase flow in geothermal reservoirs
María S. Guðjónsdóttir, HR/HÍ


Task 8: Mathematical modeling of energy flow in a geothermal reservoir
Halldór Pálsson, University of Iceland