Zonal Isolation and Packing

Zonal Isolation and Packing White Paper

Link to IPGT Zonal Isolation White
Paper as at August 2012.

The IPGT Zonal Isolation and Packers Working Group has updated their white paper in order to outline the current state of the art and technology needs related to zonal isolation and packers for enhanced geothermal systems. This paper will assist IPGT countries to focus R&D efforts on the most critical areas.

The IPGT Steering Committee has agreed that the white papers will be published on the website as dynamic documents that will allow them to be revisited periodically so they can remain up to date with the most relevant information. Working Groups will aim to update their white papers yearly. This published version of the white paper was last updated in August 2012. Given the dynamic nature of the papers, constructive comments from the geothermal and the scientific community, as well as from the public are highly appreciated and will be used to improve the white papers. Comments and suggestions on the White papers should be sent to the IPGT Secretariat by email. Please contact the Secretariat at the IPGT Secretariat (IPGT@ret.gov.au).